We offer a range of Personal Lines programs – click on the individual programs below for our highlight sheet, applications, underwriter contacts, and a link to our self-serve Broker Platform – JET!


Earthquake Deductible Buy-Down Coverage (BC)
Click the 'Commercial ' tab on the right side of your screen under 'Lines of Business' to find out stand-alone Earthquake Deductible Buy-Down product
Personal Umbrella
We provide personal umbrella coverage up to $10Million - available on a stand-alone basis, no supporting policies with us are required!
Rentals up to 8 plex in size
We provide coverage for many different rental types; single to multi unit or families and short term rentals.
Student Rentals (Dwelling Buildings)
We provide coverage for many different student rental types; owner occupied, single units to dedicated student housing developments.
Vacant Dwelling Buildings
We provide coverage for vacant dwellings which can be tailored to suit your Clients needs.
Non-Standard (Primary Owner Occ. Dwellings)
We provide coverage for non-standard risks that are not a fit for your regular markets.
High Value Dwellings $1.5MM+
We provide coverage for dwellings valued $1.5Million and upwards.
Seasonal/Secondary Dwellings
We provide coverage for seasonal dwellings of various types.
Condo Unit Owners - Primary, Secondary/Seasonal, Rental
We provide coverage for condos of all types.
Condo Unit Owners - Vacant
We can provide coverage for vacant condos.
We provide tenant insurance to cover your client and their belongings.
Contents in Storage
We provide coverage for your clients personal property in storage and you choose the time frame.
Motorcycles (BC)
BC only - We provide motorcycle insurance to help protect your clients motorcycle against physical damage.
JET Platform