Forward offers a range of Commercial Lines programs – click on the individual programs below for our highlight sheet, applications, underwriter contacts, and a link to our self-serve Broker Platform – JET!


Earthquake Deductible Buy-Down Coverage (BC)
Forward is pleased to offer a stand-alone separate Earthquake Deductible Buy-Down policy in B.C. that piggy backs the existing property policy which reduces the Insured's existing earthquake deductible on their current policy to a more manageable level.
General Commercial Property
Forward provides lead or follow line terms for small to mid-size general commercial property accounts.
Protective Services
Forward provides unique coverage designed specifically for various types of Protective Services.
Forward offers liability and optional property coverage for your commercial use Drones.
Individual Fitness Trainer
Forward provides tailored coverage for individual fitness trainers.
Fitness and Martial Arts Studios
Forward provides tailored coverage for fitness studios and martial arts studios.
Cosmetology & Spas (Claims Made)
Cosmetology & Spas (Claims Made) - this product provides coverage for all services/treatments strictly on a CLAIMS MADE basis. If the applicant does not currently have coverage in place OR their current policy is not currently on a claims made basis, please revisit the menu of products and select Cosmetology and Spas (Occurrence-Hybrid).
Cosmetology & Spas (Occurrence - Hybrid)
Cosmetology & Spas (Occurrence – Hybrid) - this Cosmetology Product is available for most services on an Occurrence Basis. However, if the current policy is on a Claims Made form please return to menu and select Cosmetology and Spa (Claims Made) product.
Tattoo and Piercing
Forward provides unique coverage designed specifically for various types of tattoo / piercing artists.
Contractor's Package
Forward provides a package for a broad range of contractors.
Residential Rentals up to 3 stories
Click the 'Personal' tab on the right side of your screen under 'Lines of Business' to find Forward's Rented Dwelling product.
JET Platform